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Real World Dobro - Angel From Montgomery

To learn the full arrangement of "Angel From Montgomery", go to this page instead...

Okay, you've mastered Jambalaya, now let's try something with a few more chord changes! In Jambalaya, the chords are the same over the verse and the chorus, so you don't have to worry about which part you're playing a solo over...

Now, with Angel From Montgomery, there are different changes for the verse and chorus, so you need to know the form, and which part to solo over! Songs with 2 parts will sometimes have the solo on the verse, sometimes the chorus, and sometimes both. In this example, we play both the verse and the chorus for the solo, passing the solo off in between the 2 parts.

I also added an electric guitar on the play-along track, so you need to make sure you're not playing fills at the same time! In a jam session, it's always a good idea to listen for who is playing fills, and try not to have 2 people doing fills at the same time. Take turns!

Because this is a ballad, there isn't a chopping part, so you'll alternate between fills and pads when you're not soloing. I've included 2 versions of this one, so you can switch parts with the electric guitar! That also gives you a chance to solo over both the verse and the chorus...

Real World Dobro - Angel From Montgomery Tablature
Real World Dobro - Angel From Montgomery TAB - Portrait

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