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Real World Dobro - Your Cheatin' Heart

This is a "Real World" dobro lesson, so there won't be any TAB, you'll just play along like you were at a real jam session!

This song will introduce you to the standard AABA form. There isn't really a verse and chorus, but we break down the song into sections to make it easier to remember. There is an "A" section and a "B" section, each one is 8 bars long. For the main form of the song, the "A" section happens twice, then the "B" section once, and then the "A" section one more time.

There is also an 4 bar intro, which is not part of the form. The intro also has 3 pickup notes. Count "1,2,3,4,1" and start your intro on beat 2. The band doesn't start until the first beat of the next measure, so you're on your own at the very beginning. You can use the intro from my full arrangement of Your Cheatin' Heart if you'd like, check it out here.

The other thing to watch out for is the solo section. The solo section starts on the "B" section. You start the solo on an F chord, halfway through the form of the song, so the solo section is just BA. Here is how the whole song lays out...

Intro, AABA(vocal), BA(solo), AABA(vocal)

For backing up the vocal, I mostly play either pads or fills, just following the chords. Keep it simple, and go for tone! I'd also recommend listening to the steel guitar on the Hank Williams version of this song. It's a different tuning, but you can learn a lot from what he plays.

Big thanks to Rachael Davis for her exceptional vocals!

Watch the video for ideas, but the best practice will be with the audio play-along track.

Play-Along Track


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