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Real World Dobro - Jambalaya

To learn the full arrangement of "Jambalaya", go to this page instead...

In this lesson, the goal is to simulate a real live jam session! Instead of learning tablature, we'll look at techniques to back up singers and other soloists, and focus on what you need to know so you can play a song with other people!

The play-along track for this song includes vocals and instrumental breaks. The dobro solos are left open, so that's your chance to cut loose! I also played one guitar solo, play some back-up dobro on that one.

The most important thing here is to just jam with the play-along track, and use your own ideas! If you need some ideas, refer to the videos below...Here is the quick look at the form of the song and a play-along track .

Real World Dobro - Jambalaya Tablature
Real World Dobro - Jambalaya TAB - Portrait

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