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Chord Shapes Part 1

In this lesson you will learn to navigate a simple chord progression while staying in one position. Instead of moving the bar to a new fret, you use "chord shapes" to change chords. Eventually, you'll use the same concept to improvise melodies, but in this lesson the goal is to simply follow the chord progression with these shapes.

You should also review Movable Major Scales. In this lesson, we're in the key of C major, and all of the notes for the C, F, and G chords are in the C major scale. If you practice the C major scale (ahead of the bar and behind the bar) from Movable Major Scales, you'll see that these chord shapes are part of the C major scale! The idea is to play a progression with C, F, and G (I IV V) without leaving the C major scale position. Good luck!

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Chord Shapes Part 1 Tablature
Chord Shapes Part 1 TAB - Portrait



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