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Joe's Slantless Chord Chart

One of the questions I hear most about playing 6 string dobro is "How do I deal with chords that are not major chords?" Well, here is one way I do it. I always look for intervals that I have on the dobro without slanting that can cover at least 2 notes of any given chord. I think 2 note chords are very useful, and I think slanting is over-rated. I still use slants sometimes to achieve different intervals, but here are some ways to play just about any chord you'll need without slanting... Hooray!

This is by no means complete, but it's a good reference for dealing with some jazzier chords...

I've written these as 4 and 6 note voicings, because every interval happens twice on the 6 string dobro. In practice, you should usually play only 2 of the notes for each chord. Feel free to download and print this out, too!

Select the root of the chord you'd like to find! 

Joe's Slantless Chord Chart Tablature
Joe's Slantless Chord Chart TAB - Portrait

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