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Movable Major Scales

Here are two positions for the major scale. They are written in the key of C, starting at the 5th fret, but you can move them to any key by finding the root on the 6th string and playing the same pattern. For example, play the same pattern starting on the 8th fret for the key of Eb.

There are many positions for the major scale, but these are the ones I use most often. They both start at the same fret. With "Ahead Of The Bar", you move the bar towards the bridge, and with "Behind The Bar" you move the bar towards the nut. The 2 positions change the slide possibilities, and eventually you can switch seamlessly between the 2 depending on the phrasing.

I should also mention that "Ahead Of The Bar" and "Behind The Bar" are my own invented terms, so don't expect other people to know what they mean!

Movable Major Scales Tablature
Movable Major Scales TAB - Portrait

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