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Movable Starter Licks

Here are some beginner licks you can play over major chords! These are all written in C (around the 5th fret), but you can move them to any major chord by starting on a different fret. For example, if you want to use the lick for an F major chord, start it to the 10th fret. For a G chord, start on the 12th fret, these licks don't use open strings.

These licks are intended to get you started with the idea of improvising. Sometimes you'll have to modify them to fit the song. All of these licks are 2 measures long, so if you have a chord for only 1 measure, you need to play a partial lick, or change the timing. Always use your ear to decide what is best.

Once you learn to place these licks in a chord progression, you should be able to modify them, and come up with your own new licks, and start truly improvising! Good luck!


Movable Starter Licks Tablature
Movable Starter Licks TAB - Portrait


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