Playing Over Changes With The Major Scale

Here is a method I use to play over changes without leaving the major scale. Dobro players often just place the bar wherever the chord is to come up with solos and fills, and this lesson should help you get out of that rut!  The basic concept is to learn different notes within the major scale to begin and end your phrases with when playing over changes.  Hopefully this will give you some new options for playing solos and fills, and to keep your melodic ideas more fluid.  This lesson primarily deals with diatonic changes (changes that are built from one scale), which are quite common.  There is also an example (Tennessee Waltz) on what to do when the change is not diatonic.  

I believe that understanding what diatonic changes are, and how to play over them with the major scale is a very useful tool, enjoy!

Pt. 1 - Diatonic Changes

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Pt. 2 - You Win Again

Pt. 3 - Cold Cold Heart

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