Donation Driven Dobro Instruction

The Picks

Ok, you have a dobro and a bar, what else do you need? Picks! On dobro it is standard practice to use 2 metal fingerpicks and a plastic thumbpick, so that's a great place to start. The fingerpicks should be fairly easy to fit, but the thumbpick is finicky. Here's my take on the picks!


Fingerpicks are pretty easy since they bend to the shape of your fingers. I use propik, straight, single wrap, brass fingerpicks, one with a medium blade and one with a wide blade. Weird! I'll tell you why in the video.


Thumbpicks are tricky. You need to find one that fits tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that it turns your thumb purple! A good solution is a bluechip or propik thumbpick with a metal wrap and plastic tip. When I made this video, I was using a small white plastic Dunlop thumbpick, but I have since switched to a Dunlop large calico pick.

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